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Hi! Welcome to Fredisberto' Web Gallery. Feel free to roam the web gallery or to show off your artwork.

Everyone who have done any type of artwork is welcome to display their artwork on Fredisberto's Virtual Web Gallery.

You can choose to just display them for show, or sell them. (For more details regarding the sales of your artwork click the contact button.)
Flowers in a pot
El Coqui de PR
Purple Mountains
an061.gif fredisberto-web-gallery001026.jpg fredisberto-web-gallery001025.jpg
By Rebecca Medina,
Middletown, NY Artist
By Liz Nemeth,
Middletown, NY Artist
By Fredisberto,
Middletown, NY Artist
fredisberto-web-gallery001020.jpg fredisberto-web-gallery001018.jpg
 ... at the Cross

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 Paper Flowers
By Fredisberto,
Middletown, NY Artist
 El Piraguero

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